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157 / 16th April 2017

THING: Nationalism
QUESTION: What are you so proud of?

CONTAINS: Dishonourable discharges, the end of the British union, the drunk Telegraph admirals in the cupboard, and being conscripted into the Great Gibraltar Monkey War

LINKS: Nationalism / Crabs / Chinchilla / Brexit: Lord Howard accused of 'sabre-rattling' over Gibraltar / Gibraltar row: Spanish warship disrupts British Navy training / The problem of patriotism and the left

156 / 9th April 2017

THING: Stephen King
QUESTION: What makes a spooky story?

CONTAINS: The director’s director’s cut of E.T., Japanese versus American horror, going a bit Garth Marenghi, and the eater of worlds, and children

 Stephen King.com / IT - Official Teaser Trailer / PENNYWISE CLOWN - THE BEST OF / A book for the beach: Duma Key by Stephen King / Is Stephen King a great writer? / How Media Scares Us: The Work of Junji Ito

152 / 12th March 2017

THING: Loneliness
QUESTION: Am I talking to myself?

CONTAINS: Wind, the opposite of glue, touching yourself into the alt right, and trapped inside your own skull spinning fruitlessly through the infinite universe.

LINKS: Loneliness / WEB OF LONELINESS / 10 reasons people are lonely? It’s more complicated than that Sue Bourne / 6 Secret Beliefs That Are Making Us All Unhappy / The Lethality of Loneliness

151 / 5th March 2017

THING: The February Revolution
QUESTION: What do you think will happen next?

CONTAINS: The first ever broadcast of the Kraken Radio Hour in 1917, taking in the shocking news from Russia, the Hairless Ball motif in the history of class struggle, Karl Marx’s big thatch nappy, and the pegging of the British Empire

LINKS: February Revolution / The Art Story Dada / Fascism: Origins and Ideology / Deny the British empire's crimes? No, we ignore them George Monbiot  / The Russian Revolution and Britain, 1917-1928 / A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000 /

145 / 22th Jan 2017

THING: Protests
QUESTION: What will you fight for?

CONTAINS: Protests versus marches versus riots, why Joel is an under-cover horse, Ian's Battle for Chicken at Cable Street, and Mazin's rendezvous with Tony Blair in a toilet cubicle

LINKS: Guardian Protests / Women's March / 'Million' march against Iraq war / Occupy London / Battle of Cable Street, 1936 / As it happened: England riots day five / Anti-Fascist Network / Pacifism